What have we been repairing lately?

What have we been repairing lately?

Just a brief note which I will update from time to time on how we have been serving our customers lately. Most of the work undertaken has been to keep customer laptops working at home during lackdown.

Lenovo - replace top and bottom case. A laptop where the screen had come away from the main body due to a locked hing. This ripped out the small bosses which secure the screen. Normally it can be glued but the damage was too great and the best course of action was to replace the palm rest and bottom casing. This was an Intel i5 so was worth the effort saving the customer over £300 by not having to replace it. Result is virtually a brand new latop.

HP  - lost wifi connection. Dismantle and readjust loose wifi connectors to the wifi card.

DELL - fit customer supplied 500GB M.2 NVMe drive to replace slow 2TB rotating disk with 32GB cache. A few tweaks in the BIOS and configuring the old disk as a secondary data drive and away. I do like DELLs - so well designed with such easy access to all the components.

ASUS - supply and fit new internal battery. We supply A grade batteries so an easy job which extends the life of the laptop for relatively little outlay. 

Macbook Pro - a remote session offering system clean up and advice for backup of laptop to Apple Time Machine on external disk. Sadly customer decides to take advantage of the pandemic and my trusting nature by not paying. Just lives close by too here in Marlow. Should I request payment before all remote sessions? Email me your thoughts.

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