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Price List

This section contains the published prices for the clickMarlow portfolio of products and services. You may find these prices compare favourably to the Know-How guys down at PC World and other "High Street" support companies. This price list should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions.

Hourly rates

There is a minimum charge of one hour except for agreed fixed rate hardware repairs.

Businesses and commercial enterprises£45.00
Schools, not for profit and charities£40.00
Private domestic and individual£35.00
Students (away from home) and senior citizens£35.00
Bench work£45.00
Remote Access Support£0.95 per minute
Repair charge examples

Operating System reloads include all service pack updates and hotfixes. All hardware upgrade or repair prices are based on the price of the replacement part which varies from machine to machine. We will always replace with equivalent or better parts.

Operating System Reloadfrom £70.00
Regular Computer Servicefrom £49
CD/DVD Data Recoveryfrom £30
Hard Disk Data Recoveryfrom £40
Powerline Wifi Extension£135
Memory Upgrade (fitting only)from £10
Power Supply Replacementfrom £45
Laptop Power Jack Replacementfrom £70
Laptop Screen Replacementfrom £90
Laptop Keyboard Replacementfrom £45
Laptop Fan Replacementfrom £55
PC/Laptop Motherboard repairsfrom £110
Software Services

Websites are created using a variety of technologies and programming languages. An editable site like this uses a wiki engine which is an easy to learn markup language to format pages. For more complex sites we use Microsoft Active Server Pages which is an easy to maintain top down programming language to add extra funtionality to your pages such as database access, user membership and other things.

Static responsive websitesfrom £420.00
Website hosting (per annum)from £72.00


We accept payments by cash, bank transfer, Paym and by credit card using Paypal.

last updated : March 31, 2017, at 08:52 AM
first published : January 11, 2014, at 11:47 AM