Google Email And Applications

At the moment I am recommending Gmail as a preferred application for email since it allows the user to keep all information online and it also has a superb suite of complementary applications. Keeping all your email and calendar dates and task lists online is the smartest way to work since you can synchronise all your data over all your devices such as PCs, tablets and phones be they Apple or Android.

eM Client

Some clients have intimated their dislike for the Gmail interface and I have to agree on some points. If you are used to the Outlook interface then I can highly recommend eM Client as an email client which locks in seamlessly to the Google API allowing you access to email, calendars, contacts and task lists. My only disappointment in the software is that it does not recognise multiple email addresses setup in Gmail.

Installation couldn't be simpler - full details here.

If you need the ability to preview emails as in Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail then consider using "Preview Pane" available from Labs section of Gmail. Enable this in Settings > Labs.

Apple Iphone

If you are using multiple email addresses controlled by Gmail then you should consider using the Gmail App which provides much more functionality than the generic email app supplied on Iphones. It allows you to send emails from your Iphone from any of the addresses configured in Gmail. You can download it from here.

last updated : January 18, 2015, at 01:14 PM
first published : July 03, 2014, at 11:07 AM